Scott does two things. He manages projects and he develops products.

As a top strategic innovator, Scott has worked for corporations, public organizations, government agencies and investors, to lead, and manage, revolutionary creative projects. Clients, and employers, have hired Scott when they have a big problem that needs a novel solution. Scott is an expert at conceptual blockbusting.

Top references, and credentials, from The White House, The U.S. Congress, Mayor’s, Top Fortune 200 CEO’s, Federal agency leads, and more, as shown here…

Scott has delivered an extraordinary number of projects, products and programs for his clients and employers. His clients have received top press coverage for those successful efforts, as shown here…

Having a hard time trying to visualize what these projects were? Then check out the news videos, shown here…

* Program Direction, Operations & Management Project Samples:


* Invention, Product Design & Engineering Project Samples:


 * Community Service & Public Policy Project Samples:



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