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Scott is the Team Leader for Team One, and special project contracts. Scott works with teams of amazing engineers, and innovation technologists, to help build the best products and services in the world.

In his spare time, Scott helps fix Capitol Hill, fight crime (same thing ;-) and support disaster relief…he also makes a great BBQ!

Among many, Scott has two particular skills: He manages projects with epic contingency planning, and he develops visionary products for clients, investors and employers.

As a top strategic innovator, Scott has worked for corporations, public organizations, government agencies and investors, to lead, and manage, revolutionary creative projects. Clients, and employers, have hired Scott when they have a big problem that needs a novel solution. Scott is an expert at conceptual blockbusting.

Scott has based his career on building great products, services and programs that improve the world. His Team’s, and their successful projects, have been featured in:

LOGOSA couple of times, though, wealthy financiers asked to look at some of his Team’s technologies, copied them verbatim, made tens of billions of dollars off of them; and never paid for them. You are probably using some of these technologies, right now. These were a few technologies that the United States Government, The national news media, industry publications and famous institutions had published documentation about. In their documentation they stated, clearly, that Scott and his team were the first to design, engineer, build and document these certain inventions. They stated that those few groups, who copied those technologies, had never had anything similar, prior to their contact with Scott and His Teams. That wasn’t very nice of those other guys!

So Scott, and the Teams, went after those intellectual property thieves; who also happened to be breaking laws. The groups of clever technologists, that got together in these anti-corruption/anti-theft efforts, were highly effective at working with law enforcement, journalists and public agencies. It created a bit of a news flurry regarding some entertainment and political characters but it “cleaned up” some public policy problems…so the public won, too!

Crime-fighting was just a sideline. Building great products, services and programs, that improve the world, is the core focus for Scott, and the many Team’s of brilliant engineers, that he works with.

Most clients, or employers, come to Scott, or Team One, with a challenging problem that their usual systems cannot get around, due to time, budget or dynamics. The client provides a budget and a time-frame and the Team provides RESULTS!

Against all odds, Team One has never met a problem they could not come up with multiple solutions for. Team One delivers options, concept block-busting, road-block navigation and deployment.

Team One says: “Let’s build the future!” Contract some innovation manifestation today! Unstoppable, state-of-the-art, conceptualization, design, engineering and project operations; at your command!

Top references, and credentials, from The White House, The U.S. Congress, Mayor’s, Top Fortune 200 CEO’s, Federal agency leads, and more, as shown here…

Scott has delivered an extraordinary number of projects, products and programs for his clients and employers. His clients have received top press coverage for those successful efforts, as shown here…

Having a hard time trying to visualize what these projects were? Then check out the news videos, shown here…

* Program Direction, Operations & Management Project Samples:


* Invention, Product Design & Engineering Project Samples:


 * Community Service & Public Policy Project Samples:



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